Once Upon A Wotton Christmas

From beginning to end, this is one story you will not be able to put down. Bookmark your magical journey through imagination with us, our Christmas woodland creatures will guide you on creating your magical Christmas fairytale.

Lady Mary Evelyn was a lover of whimsical adventure and fantasy.While Sir John Evelyn was away travelling, his wife Mary would fill her days exploring the menagerie and playing in the gardens. The many exotic animals on the estate rapidly developed into her imaginary trusted companions.

At Christmas time Wotton House would be filled with extravagant parties and flamboyant guests. Lady Evelyn would enjoy creating memories of these wonderful occasions by sketching. She would fantasise that the guests had taken on the characteristics of her animal friends which, in the sketches, would be wearing ball gowns, fine silk pocket squares, top hats, and tails (some more lifelike than others).

And now Wotton House invites you to join Lady Mary Evelyn and create your own Once Upon a Wotton Christmas…

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